Metro 1800 Pendant


A Moderne or Art Deco style ceiling fixture. A circular metal ceiling pendant fixture of either spun aluminum or brass. The bottom dish holds a diffuser of perforated metal or prismatic polycarbonate. The prismatic may or may not be tinted (lavender, blue-green, peach or custom). Light is emitted from the sides as well as through the bottom diffuser. This fixture is available as a stem pendant or cord pendant . Stem or cord length is custom. Four fixture sizes are also offered.

Model No.:

BD 1802 : 12.5w x 8h
BD 1803 : 12.5w x 8h
BD 1804 : 15.5w x 10h
BD 1805 : 15.5w x 10h
BD 1806 : 23.5w x 12h
BD 1807 : 23.5w x 12h
BD 1806-U : 23.5w x 12h
BD 1808 : 47.5w x 24h




Please specify:
Satin spun aluminum or Satin spun brass.
Overall length of fixture.
Cord or stem pendant.
Bottom diffuser- perforated metal or prismatic polycarbonate.

Colors / Finish:

BD 1802 : Satin Aluminum
BD 1803 : Satin Brass
BD 1804 : Satin Aluminum
BD 1805 : Satin Brass
BD 1806 : Satin Aluminum
BD 1807 : Satin Brass
BD 1806-U : Satin Aluminum with uplight dish.
BD 1808 : Satin Aluminum
Please Specify: Prismatic color – clear, blue-green, amber or lavender.


BD 1802 : (1)medium base lampholder (E26)
BD 1803 : (1)medium base lampholder (E26)
BD 1804 : (1)medium base lampholder (E26)
BD 1805 :(1)medium base lampholder (E26)
BD 1806 : (1)medium base lampholder (E26)
BD 1807 : (1)medium base lampholder (E26)
BD 1806-U : (1)medium base lampholder (E26),
   23 or 34 watt LED Uplight
BD 1808 : LED unit per application.

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